Data Query Tool for Mac

Data Query Tool, one flexible Query-Tool for all ODBC and Sqlite databases!

One for all

Each DBMS has its own highly specialized and complex management or query tool. While working at different DBMS, you need to change the tool regulary. Even if you just want to run some SQL commands quickly. With the Data Query Tool from Solution Research you don't need to change the system. It is easy to use.

What can you do with DQT?

The Data Query Tool from Solution Research provides access to any ODBC and SQLite databases. You can analyse, insert, delete and edit data and execute any kind of SQL statements that the database management system supports. Result sets from a SELECT statement will be shown as a data grid or optionally as flown text. Data can be edited directly in the cells of a data grid.

If certain SQL commands are used again and again, you can create a script of it. In addition these scripts handle commands for flow control (IF, WHILE, ...), independently of the used DBMS to automate various processes.

At a glance

  • On Mac OS X connect directly to Microsoft SQL Servers, MySQL Servers and SQLite without any other software needed
  • Connect to most other ODBC Database as long as an driver is installed
  • Connect to multiple databases at the same time
  • Browse database tables and views in a data grid
  • Modify data within the data grid (add new records, edit, delete)
  • Export result sets to HTML or CSV files (delimiter separated)
  • Create scripts to automate queries
  • Execute any valid SQL Statement the database management support

Connect to a Database via ODBC

With this dialog it's possible to connect to some dqt standard data sources. On Mac OS X these are: Sqlite, MS SQL Server and MySQL Server (Drivers included with dqt). On Windows: Sqlite, MS-Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server and Oracle, but it's important to have the drivers installed beforehand. At least MySQL and Oracle must be installed manually on Windows.
If you want to use dqt to connect to other ODBC data sources than this, you can use the Connect command.
Here's a sample for connecting to a MySQL Server on macOS:
CONNECT(name="apache_log", odbc="DRIVER={ResPath}/lib/;server=;DATABASE=apachelogs;user=a_login;password=my_secret;option=3;");

Script Editor

In the Script Editor, text is edited like in any other text editor. Just a few specialties ease editing of dqt/sql scripts and enter commands and execute them.
After entering some commands and SQL statements they can be executed and the result will be displayed as a data grid or in output area as floating text.
Contect sensitive help and IntelliSense technic helps writing SQL statements.

Data Grid

Result sets of a SELECT statement or selecting a table in the connection tree will be shown in a Data Grid.
In the first row, the header row, are the names of the columns from the result set.
Table content can be edited depending on the current query mode, the access rights and cell content. In fact the dqt generates internally SQL UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE statements to modify table data. It's important that dqt can scan the query and identify a unique key for every row in the table. Just thant it's possible to modify data.
Is a single cell active the Del key delete the data (in fact set it to the special value NULL) and the clipboard key commands work as well (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, ...).

HTML Export

Result sets from a SELECT Statement could be displayed as a data grid. These table views can be saved as a file, for example as a HTML web page. Furthermore beside HTML it is possible to use csv (in this case the tab is used as a separator) and txt formats.
This files can be imported into most other software, like Excel, OpenOffice and least but not last into any TextEditor for further processing.

Customizable Layout

In addition to the colors and fonts for the individual areas (script editor, connection tree and table views), the positions of most of the elements could be positioned at any position on the screen. The data table views can also be opened in a own table grid. Make it easy on yourself, and then ... feel the passion.

Ready for macOS Sierra and Windows 10

You use Mac OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra?

You operate with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or with Windows 10?

No problem! The DQT is also optimized for these operating systems.

Don’t hesitate to ask about a Linux version.